What is Online Personal Training?

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Just like every service industry, Personal training is now online and in a big way.

Since 2015 the number of searches for online personal training has shot up by nearly 40%! So how does it work and what do we make of it?

As is the case with personal training offline, there is a HUGE variation in the quality of the service delivered.

Here’s your guide to assessing your options and the various types of delivery available.

Program Downloads

 There are plenty of good programs on the net, some free and some paid for. Clearly the writers of these programs can’t create a program that is ideally suited for you because they are created for hundreds or thousands of people.

Look for experienced trainers or trainers with a formal education in Strength and Conditioning or both.

Guide price £5-£30

Group Online Training

 You’ll receive a training program that is a “best fit for you” type of solution, some broad advice on your nutrition and some support (typically via a Facebook group or email)

Guide price £20-60

Bespoke Program Design

As the name would suggest you’ll receive a training program and or a nutrition plan designed specifically for you, your goals, level of ability and schedule.

Guide price:

Training program design £40-£300

Nutrition Plan £40-£300

Combined plan £40-£600

Please note some program design may include advanced testing, for example Blood Tests or stools.

Bespoke Program Design with Ongoing Support

 As above, but the support on offer may vary. Some claim to offer 24-hour support (Quite how happy these trainers will be with calls in the early hours about which type of tonic water has the lowest calories I’m not sure)

Some training companies will offer online check in portals or periodic check ins either weekly/bi-weekly/monthly.

Guide price £30-£200

Our conclusion

Here’s a few points to consider when selecting your online coach

  • Work with a coach who suits your needs
  • Look for trainers with experience or formal qualifications or both
  • Make sure they care! Your background and personal goals are what’s important, if you don’t feel listened too go elsewhere.


If you’d like pre launch details for Storm Online our combined training and nutrition coaching program please please get in touch using the contact form below. We have had HUGE interest, so there are only a handful of spaces.




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