Meet The Team

You’ll like us because we’re a friendly, passionate and dedicated bunch each with a slightly different skillset.

Spencer Davey ISSN

Rehabilitation, Strength & Conditioning, Health and well-being

Lome Fa’atau

Strength & Conditioning, Health & Wellness, Young Athlete Development

Nadine Stone

Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Health & Wellbeing

Terry Bosun BSc

Strength & Conditioning, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain

Ted Winter MSc

Strength & Conditioning, Fat Loss, Rehabilitation

David Ball

Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Women’s Strength

James Leebody

Rehabilitation, Weight Loss, Muscle Gain

Tom Shaw

Fat loss, Strength & Conditioning, Health & Wellbeing, Strongman/Powerlifting

Dan Marriott

Fat loss, muscle gain, health and well-being

Louise Maclaine

Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition

Andrew Cameron

Muscle Gain, Fat Loss

Paul Warrior

Group Training

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