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How We Help

Whether sports performance, a challenge or just becoming more physically robust and capable is the target; working with one of our highly qualified team is a must. Our strength and conditioning coaches are experienced, knowledgeable and genuinely passionate about enabling you to improve daily and reach your goals. Your Storm coach will work with you to devise a personalised plan which works around your life, your abilities and your goals.

Custom made training sessions

Devised with you and only you in mind. Our strength and conditioning  coaches will create workouts in our private gym, guide you on what you can do at home or in the great outdoors. Each session is designed for you at your specific point in your fitness journey and your training evolves and changes as you and your goals do.

Nutritional support

Ensuring your body is properly fuelled and ready to train is key to seeing real results. Our coaches are experienced in finding practical solutions for real people and our team will work to get optimal nutrition to fit into your life and provide results for the long term.

Live the life

Get the most out of your sleep, rest and recovery. We encourage an active lifestyle with plenty of downtime where possible because we have found it produces the best results.

Our attitudes to your goals

At Storm we value coaching and mentorship. Your coach is in your corner, sort of a trusty  sidekick along the journey  to encourage and motivate you to stay on track and achieve your best possible results.

How We Think

Optimal made simple

“We take everything that’s important to you and create one plan that progresses and morphs as you do.”

Stronger for longer

“The effects of our approach create strength that lasts.“

Whatever it is, whatever it takes

“Our approach means we can adapt our plan to fit any goal from any starting point”

Professional and Knowledgeable

“We are passionate about adapting and delivering the most appropriate training in a way that is uncomplicated, challenging and fun”

What Our Customers Say

“You fixed a bad knee I’ve had for 20 years since a tragi-comic disco dancing accident. I’m probably running faster than I ever have, I’ve got muscles I’ve never noticed before. Perhaps most of all I really enjoy the gym and a coupe of hours a week with Storm, which is weird. Bad back much much better. And none of this has been difficult.”


“Storm was recommended from a fellow runner, and the facilities were exactly what I was looking for – a space that was unlikely to get too busy, and a space that felt fairly private. Within a month or two. Key movement patterns were becoming easier and my body was changing.”


“I wanted to improve my running, particularly in terms of speed, with the aim of breaking 90 mins for a half marathon. Four months in, I ran the Sunderland half marathon in 88 mins. My times have improved consistently since then and on reduced mileages.”


“Storms reputation is very good, I was recommended to storm by my yoga teacher, who I trust implicitly. I was also very impressed with their professionalism and knowledge. Being in the industry myself and a retired scientist I know what I am looking for in a trainer. I have never been as strong or healthy as I am now and I love it! I’m 50+ so it’s a great feeling!”


“I was quite fit but attending the same gym for years and making little progress. I started working with Storm and Activate Physio, I can’t recommend them highly enough, they are both excellent. I feel great, I’m stronger with more muscle bulk and I’m thinner too.”


“I had a very low level of fitness, no specific health problems but a friend recommended Storm, I feel stronger now and it’s made me take up different forms of exercise, I now do Pilates and yoga in addition to my PT sessions.”


“I had long term lower back pain I was fit but at my wits end with lower back pain. 6 months on my back pain has gone and I feel fitter and stronger then ever.”


“Due to my poor knees, I was afraid to get back to the gym to train for my fitness and dance career, but fortunately I have found this awesome gym with the best coach! Not only has my fitness improved tremendously, but my mind is also at ease! knowing that my knees are being rehabilitated along with being stronger than ever before, I couldn’t be happier”


“I wanted to change my lifestyle and change my focus. Coming to Storm was the best decision I could of made. The word ‘gym’ or ‘fitness’ doesn’t come close to what you experience at Storm. You’re training physically and mentally and the dedication from everyone is amazing. The atmosphere is so welcoming and you feel part of the storm family straight away. If I could give a 6th star I would!!!!”


“Have recently started with storm fitness and I have ro say this is a top class facility with friendly approachable coaches. What I like about this gym is it specialises in personal training and it is a lovely place to train and has all the equipment you need. Spencer and the team are genuine friendly warm coaches who always greet with a smile.”



Got questions? Here are a few that tend to pop up. If you’d like any more details, contact us and fire away!
What happens after I get in touch?
We’ll send you further details of the packages available and arrange a time for you to meet one of our team with a suitable skill set. We offer a complimentary planning session which involves a discussion around your goals, a tour of our home here in Newcastle and an opportunity for you and your coach to come up with a plan of action.
Can I use the gym on my own in-between my sessions with my coach?
We’re afraid not. We want to offer the most effective training possible and this means limiting the number of people working out in our facility at any one time so you don’t have to wait to get on equipment. If you want to top up your aerobic fitness alongside your one to one training we offer group training or we can also offer programming to be completed alongside working with your coach.
Can I eat cheat foods?
Yes. Any diet if it is to be effective needs to be sustainable and if having the occasional treat helps you stay on track for longer then we would see that as a positive. It’s important that you get the nutrient dense foods into your diet first, A highly nutritious, balanced diet with the occasional treat works!
I’ve got a pre-existing injury, can I still join up?
YES. But to be safe we ask that you provide full details of your pre-existing injury, we’ll then run through an assessment and in some cases we may refer you to our physio partners before we plan your program and get started.  We will only charge you once we start training you however an assessment with our physio partners is chargeable.
I do shift work, is this programme suitable for my lifestyle?
Yes, we’ve worked with a lot of shift workers and find that there is plenty of opportunity to train and eat.
What sports or events do you cater for?
We have a large team all with different experiences in different areas. We start with a needs analysis which involves a consultation with you and a range of assessments and from here we build a program specific to you the demands of your sport. So, in short, we can prepare you for almost any sport or event. The best thing to do is to arrange a call or a short meeting with a member of our team, if we are the best fit we’ll arrange a time to get started, and if not we will likely be able to point you in the right direction.
How strict is the diet?
Your goals and the timeframe you want to reach them in will dictate how strict you need to be. We have seen that if you take on 90% of your calories and above from food sources with a high nutrient density you can have 10% of your calories from whatever you like without affecting your results.
Does anybody ever mess up with their nutrition?
Yes all the time! A key factor whilst working with us is honesty both between you and your coach and also with yourself. One of the best things we can offer you is accountability. We don’t tell people off for messing up because it’s our job to help you find out why you go off track and offer our experience and advice to find a solution.
Do I need to have any experience with lifting weights?
No none. We coach absolute beginners to become level ninja through learning the fundamentals really, really well.
How often do I need to train each week?
Once we have met we will have a much more informed idea of how often you need to train. This is part of the coaching process, more training isn’t always the answer for our clients. It is about finding a balance where you can progress effectively week on week. It is usually between 2 to 5 times per week. Depending on your preferences, hobbies and budget. We can also offer advice and programming for sessions not performed in our gym.
I am over (insert age) can I still train and see results?
Yes. Because we provide a completely individualised program Storm is for anyone who wants to improve their health and is willing to change.
What age range can train with Storm’s strength and conditioning coaches?
For youngsters, the ability to concentrate and follow instructions limits the age we would accept young athletes. We have trained athletes from 10 years old and our coaches are DBS checked. For older adults anybody of any age or ability can work with us because your program is written specifically for you and builds on your current abilities.
Come and meet the team and try one of our high energy group sessions on the house.

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