Simple Formula for Fat Loss

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Fat loss in 3 simple steps

Losing body fat relies on creating a calorie deficit. Burning more calories than you eat. That doesn’t mean however, that you absolutely HAVE to weigh, measure and track everything you eat on my fitness pal. Here’s how our coaches achieve amazing results with some simple strategies.

1. Keep a Food Journal

Your first step is keeping a food journal. This is a really important tool in assessing where you are right now and gives a good idea of your habits and daily routines (or absence of) when it comes to nutrition.

So how do you keep a food journal? You can literally just keep a note of what you eat and drink; or you can take a food selfie which is even more helpful if you’re working with a Storm coach. With that info we can assess whether you’re getting enough nutrients and whether you are eating enough/too many calories.

2. Planning and Prep

Planning and preparation takes the stress out of nutrition. Having your day or week on paper in front of you or on your computer/phone acts as a guide and allows you to avoid those last minute shops and panic buying food you’re not sure you need.

Planning what you are going to eat takes no more than 5 minutes per day or 30 minutes per week and helps to make your decisions around food less impulsive and more considered.

3. Portion Control

This is where we really get into your nutrition, plate by plate. What we will do in this section is break down your plate into categories to make putting meals together simple and effective.

Our coaches will take you through all the different groups of food you’ll be considering when putting a meal together and why each of them are important.

Using weight training alongside nutrition to change your body is a highly effective strategy. With 2-3 one hour sessions per week and sticking to these three habits you can make incredible progress and our Stormers prove it daily.

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