Is Fasted Cardio Necessary for Fat Loss

by Apr 26, 2019Blog, Fat Loss, Nutrition

Within a few weeks you’ll be bombarded with fat loss solutions, each of which claims their approach is the best.

The question you need to be asking is, best for who?

Over the next few weeks I’ll post a few pointers to steer you on the right direction and avoid any wasted effort.

People with low body fat percentages require more advanced approaches to lose body fat due to a myriad of changes to your metabolism that take place as you become leaner. Losing body fat require three stages:

  1. releasing fat from the cell
  2. transport through the blood
  3. oxidation (using the fuel)

As you become leaner all three aspects change to a degree but principally phase 1 – releasing fat from the cell becomes a challenge. As a guideline if you are below 15% body fat as a male or 25% body fat as a female, training fasted could have some merit.

If you have yet to reach that level of leanness it simply wouldn’t be necessary and you would be better to focus your efforts on maintaining a healthy calorie deficit.


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