Take on a Challenge and Change Your Perspective

by Dec 8, 2016Healthy Lifestyle, Strength and Conditioning

Recently I did a charity event for the movember foundation. This year it was supporting awareness for mens mental health. For every pound I raised, I’d pull the big sled loaded with my bodyweight (90kg) a length of the gym (20m). I knew it would be a tough challenge, especially as the donations rolled in from 60 pounds up to 175 on the day! What I didn’t know however, is how much more I would personally get from it.

The first thing and maybe the biggest lesson I learned on Saturday was that you can push yourself much further than you think before you really empty the tank, especially when there is a strong reason behind what you are doing. For a long time my training was centred around what I wanted, which sure wasn’t to pull a sled 3.5 kilometres! However, the reason for doing it was much bigger than just what I wanted. Raising money for a charity pretty close to home kept me going when it really started to get difficult.

One of the scariest things about it was knowing I had no way out of it once I had committed. But this in itself is a brilliant thing. There was no room for excuses and no get out of jail card. Once your committed, you’ve got to go for it and I don’t think thats a bad thing at all for most people. Taking on a challenge can really help to improve your motivation towards training. So for those struggling to stick to consistent training…sign up for a challenge.

The experience also highlighted the importance of self talk. Once I got into the swing of things, my self talk changed from sounding really nervous, to a voice of confidence and determination. As well as being a driving force, it shows how much your mindset can effect your performance! If your self talk is off, it’s going to play into how you perform in work, in training or even at home. You have always got the choice when it comes to self talk. Positivity goes a long way!

The thing about doing something really challenging is that it will act as a reference point for you from then on. I felt anxious for two days leading up to doing it, to the point where I was practically shaking before I started. It becomes something you remember strongly from how it feels before hand, during and afterward. Challenges can give back a lot more than they take out of you, in how you view yourself, your potential and your physical capabilities.

So against all my initial thoughts, doing it actually gave me more of a spark to take on more challenges like this. Mad? Probably…we’ll see what the new year brings!

Set your sights high. You’re capable of much more than you think.

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