The Kick Start

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Saturday had come and I was finally catching up with my good friend and former partner in crime (not literal crime of course) I could barely wait.


I arrived and my pal was sitting down already, he seemed a bit subdued.


“Hey Spence, alright?”


The choice of restaurant seemed a strange one, the room was nearly empty other than two foreign students with their backs turned to us at the bar. The waiters seemed to be preparing for something. Frantically moving plates and polishing cutlery but this was odd as it was Saturday night. Surely this was the busiest time of any good restaurant’s week?


The waiter stood a few feet from the table, agitated and hurried and whilst polite, it was clear he didn’t want to chat, he just wanted our order so he could get on with what he was doing.


“Shall we just get main’s I don’t fancy a starter?”


My friend asked, looking at me, eager for me to agree with him. I paused for thought, “err yeah ok” turning my palms up in confusion and furrowing my forehead.


I began to stare at the small green and white menu, nothing on there looked remotely appealing…


The waiter stood silently looking at his notebook


“Erm …”


I was still in disbelieve that after years of not seeing each other we were in an empty restaurant, with a miserable distracted staff and a menu that looked like something Gordon Ramsay would burn.


I peeled the tattered menu off the sticky wipe over plastic tablecloth and again began to look for something to eat.


“I’ll have the rump steak please” I’m a total food snob and this was not my go-to.


“There is no rump steak” said the waiter with no apology.


“Right, in that case I’ll have the hunters chicken”


“Rice, chips or veg?” the waiter blurted, still not winning any prizes for service.


“I’ll have rice and veg” I had finally found something worth eating.


“You can only have one, you must pay extra if you want both”


“Err yeah ok, no problem” There was a problem, a big problem.


My friend went on to order a chicken Caesar salad with no parmesan, no anchovies, no croutons and no dressing.


The waiter left for the kitchen and began shouting orders to some very sleepy looking chef’s.


“Mate, where the f**k are we” I laughed “and why have you just ordered essentially grilled chicken and iceberg lettuce?”


“I’m on a diet ”


He blushed as he said it. Everything now became clear. The choice of the restaurant, the lack of a starter


“What kind of diet?” I asked. It was a loaded question, I knew the answer.


“I don’t want to talk about it” he said


I said nothing.


“Ok ,ok, but don’t freak out. It’s just a kick start and then I’ll re-introduce things”


“Hit me with it” I said


“Ok for two weeks you can eat white fish or chicken and any type of”….he went on.


I had heard this from my buddy time and again but this time it really was uncomfortable to hear because he seemed a little downtrodden by it all.



We’ll leave this scene here for now so I can tell you a short history about my friend, you may be able to relate to this. We met a few years back and at the time he was carrying a little weight but was very much smaller in comparison to now.


Unlike me, he was not at all interested in training and was more interested in partying or attending sports events (for the food and drink in the hospitality not for the sports I might add!)


He was a talented entrepreneur whose time was spent working on his start-up during the day and usually eating out and having a few drinks most nights.


Anywhere we went we would always run into somebody he knew and we were always greeted with a smile and open arms.


His life seemed to go through times of self enforced misery of following a super restricted diet and lifestyle and then he would seemingly just surrender to eating everything on sale at the coffee shop and going on the drink every night.


That sort of “all out” approach to life seemed to appeal to him. But over the years I had known him more and more it seemed like the walls were closing in on him.


His added weight had over the years made him self conscious, it had put him off swimming, made him have to shop for clothes online and had even effected which destinations he would consider for a holiday.


Most people would think that the weight gain was due to the periods of overeating but personally I have come to believe that under-eating and undernourishment are equally damaging.


There is a correlation between the number of times a person has dieted and their body fat percentage.


The memory of the guy bouncing off the walls was now pretty distant. There was still a smile, but it was forced and not at all convincing. My pal was clearly unhappy but still not willing to accept he didn’t have the answer.


There are probably psychologists out there who could offer a reason for why my pal wouldn’t accept any help from either me or anyone else for that matter.


I think he just found it all too confusing and he thought that he was “cursed with a bad metabolism”


If there has been one thing I have cemented in my understanding of the metabolism this year it’s that you are not stuck with the one you were born with.


You can change it.


Just ask some of the guys at Storm who eat 2,000 calories more than they used to and continue to loose body fat.


As for it being confusing?


Yes I’m afraid it is a little bit and quite honestly I couldn’t explain exactly what to do in one blog post, that why I recommend seeing a professional.


Look for somebody who has a vision for your long-term journey and get on a mission!


There are some pro’s who believe in a quick fix and there are those who believe in building all of the foods you like and even a few drinks into a sustainable plan that will get you in shape and keep you there.


We fall into the second category because we think it is more effective and it allows you to have a life!


If that’s not up your street there is always another kick start.


If you want to meet one of our personal trainers we are offering a free planning session for all new bookings right now, you can reach us at

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