Upon Reflection-20 Questions to Review and Reflect

by Jan 2, 2016Healthy Lifestyle

It’s pretty easy at this time of the year to fall into the trap of setting resolutions before taking time to reflect on the year that has passed.


How can you be sure you’ll not repeat the things that are holding you back?


Here are 20 questions that will help you reflect on the year just passed and you may find that your New Years Resolutions spring to mind pretty easily afterwards.


This is indented to be a general synopsis, a broad brush stroke if you like, but it may help to break the year passed up into quarters in order that you don’t sum up the year based on how you have felt the past month has gone.



NB Write your thoughts down! Even though your thoughts may seem clear, trying writing things down can uncover more in itself.

  1. What happened during the year?

Quarter 1




  1. What were you thinking and feeling at the key stages you’ve listed?


  1. What else did you notice?


  1. What else was happening at the time? You may include work, financial, home, study, or health factors?


  1. What might those who know you well have noticed, thought, and felt?


  1. What might someone who didn’t know you looking in have seen?


  1. Why did last year work out the way it did?


  1. Why do you think you reacted, physically and behaviourally the way you did?


  1. Do you notice any patterns?


  1. What went well? What went poorly? Why?


  1. What has challenged you?


  1. What have you learnt?


  1. What have you learnt about the way you think, learn, and behave?


  1. What break-though realisation moments have there been?


  1. What have you learnt about you as a person?


  1. What have you learnt about others?


  1. What have you learnt about your career and specifically your role?


  1. What have been your key take-forward learning points this year?


  1. What will you do differently?


  1. What do you need to do, learn or develop in order to be able to do that?


So there you have it, my way to reflect and review. I hope it provides as much insight into how you can best use your time as it has done for me.



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