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Our experience has taught us that without clear goals, planning and focus; training can create stress rather than reducing it.

As an example let’s take a look at what the journey may look like using our fictional character Danny as our subject.   Danny wants to first lose a bit of weight and then start building some muscle.

Now 39 years old, Danny has kept up some running but hasn’t been hitting the weights quite as much as he used to whilst playing Uni rugby.

Back then he got in great shape by “caning it” it the gym three times per week and eating chicken breasts and broccoli and having a protein shake after training. He also used to be able to get away with a couple nights on the beers per week.

Whilst there are always lessons to be learned from what worked for Danny in the past and a high protein, high fibre diet may form the basis of our approach; there are some changes we could suggest that will yield better results.   Besides there are some pretty big changes to Danny’s lifestyle that need to be taken into account.

The old Danny that got in shape with the regime above had a very different life to the Danny of today.   Back then, a single man, studying business and management his biggest worry was where he would go to celebrate with his team on a Wednesday night.   Now a business owner with a wife and two small children it’s a different kettle of fish!

Key point:   Our ability to handle stress is finite and the amount of training stress we apply needs to be suited to Danny.           To help For Danny to succeed our training program needs to deliver in the following four ways;

  • Help Danny fit his training and nutrition into his busy lifestyle in a way that reduces stress rather than adding to it.
  • Training needs to be highly effective and highly tailored to avoid wasting time.
  • Reduce stress by taking time out  taking time to reflect and focus on yourself (time in storm serves this purpose) is a huge positive and something the most successful people in the world reccomend
  • We need to improve Danny’s ability to cope with stress physically by improving his physical fitness, nutritional status and sleep.

What happens next for Danny is typically one of two things:

  1. He gets in touch with us, we help him order his goals and match the outcomes he wants with some realistic targets and time frames. Then we get started.
  2. He tries to tackle all goals simultaneously using the same approach that he used 20 years ago

“You can’t predict the future?”

Imagine two people, or two “Danny’s” if you like.

One goes for the hit and hope option and one contacts us and starts working with a coach.

Can you predict what the difference might be between the two in three months time?

Does that mean you’re clairvoyant?


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