The Milk Myth

by Oct 19, 2016Healthy Lifestyle

Are cows on the growth hormone?

This week I have again been in earshot of people making false claims about food.

The one thing that stops me from stopping people in the street and advising them how to safely perform brain surgery is that, well… I don’t know the first thing about it!

This however doesn’t seem to stop people from advising other people to cut out huge food groups and nutrient rich dietary staples.

This week the the “villain” was milk ?

Apparently (according to a girl I overheard advising her friends) we all need to cut it out of our diet, due to the fact our farmers “inject cows with growth hormones”.

This is simply false.

It has been illegal to inject cattle with anything that has not been deemed necessary for the health of the animal in the UK for 20 years under EU farming regulation.

In some countries Bovine Somatotropin is used to to encourage higher milk yields. In these countries bloggers and influencers are vocal about its use and this information is then circulated among fitness peeps in the U.K.

Speak to any dairy farmer about the regulations and standards they need to meet in order for their milk to be accepted.

Now I am the first to say that the Internet is full of conflicting information about nutrition. Even paid for books and resources can have incorrect information contained.

It was reading one such book written by a medical doctor that I made a decision to invest around £5k into a formal nutrition education.

If you are going to tell people to cut things out of their diet there better be a good reason for it! Don’t fall for myths and BS!

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