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I currently play roller derby for Newcastle Roller Girls and would classify myself as being quite fit. I’ve always been a regular gym member, I enjoy weight training, as well as participating in various classes such as circuits and body pump. I started working with David about 5 months ago, when I gave him the brief of improving my strength. David has greatly improved my strength which has shown not just in the amount of weight I can lift, but more importantly to me, it has improved my performance on the track. David has shown me how to use weights safely, correcting my form whilst using weights, as well as pushing and encouraging me to improve along the way. I’ve also received nutritional advice from David and feel that I understand my eating habits a lot better. As a consequence my diet has vastly improved which has resulted in over the course of the past 5 months having lost 14lb in weight as well as 3% body fat*. I would definitely recommend David as a PT as he’s incredibly motivating and supportive

Marie Roberts

I have been training with Lome Fa’atau for the last 18 months. Lome has been a huge influence, not only in the gym but also outside of it. His relentless attitude towards completing a goal is second-to-none, and has helped me in achieving 3 consecutive MMA fight wins. He has taught me to push myself to places I didn’t think I could get to. This mind-set has helped me greatly during gym sessions, as well as dieting, which in the past I have found to be my downfall. It’s not often you look forward to being put through your paces, but I have to say my favourite part of the day is the morning training with Lome. I have to say, all the trainers I have trained with at Storm Fitness are fantastic and each bring a different aspect to your training. Listen to what these guys are saying and you will achieve whatever your goals are. Start weight 94kg Fight weight 77kg Current weight 80kg*.

Mark Antonopolous

As someone who has always done my best to train hard and to eat well in order to attain a desirable physique; I found I had reached a point of plateau and almost came to accept that I was just not cable of looking how I wanted to look. Robbie gave me the diet advice and training support to push me well beyond the results I had achieved in the past, and thanks to him, I am now (at 29 years old) in the shape of my life*.

Gareth Kerr

I have been training with Jordan for just over a month now and I have seen superb results in all aspects of my sporting abilities. Jordan always has the time to help, whether that be to teach a movement from scratch, to develop something or the finely tune exisiting skills. Since starting training with Jordan I have seen a dramatic increase in my strength, speed and stamina after a long plateu due to his wide knowledge of training techniques and variation in workouts. To cap it off Jordan is a friendly person who is always in a good mood and always wants to be in the gym coaching and helping people, he is never too busy or can’t be bothered and this makes you feel at home in his gym and motivated to work yourself beyond your maximum effort.

Anon – JW

From initially contacting STORM FITNESS I have found Spencer very welcoming; he has an extremely friendly and supportive personality. I have trained with Spencer for 7 months now, we focus on a structured strength and conditioning programme, the process has put me in situations where I push myself to the max and discover what Spencer calls “your dark place” This is where Spencer is able to push the extra effort out of me which I would never do training on my own…fact! Training is most certainly challenging but appropriate and caters for all of my needs especially due to my job restraints. Spencer always accommodates my fluctuating shift patterns and supports me whilst I am away with work by providing structured sessions that I can complete to avoid regressing and undoing all of the positive and good work that we have achieved. The thing that stands out for me is that I am continuously learning and developing; Spencer is very knowledgeable and keeps up with new initiatives and then applies this to my training sessions. Spencer is very professional as are all of the trainers involved within Storm; they provide support and encouragement continuously displaying much expertise dependent upon individual aims and goals. My body statistics were taken and within a few weeks my percentage body fat reduced by 2%. Overall in 7 months it has dropped by 5% whilst gaining lean muscle*. This was only possible with careful re-education from Spencer about nutrition and how best to eat when following the type of fitness programme that I am doing. One of Spencer’s qualities is that he does truly care about his clients and in the short time that I have been training I now see training as an enjoyable, yet challenging experience with someone who has my best interests at heart; he genuinely want to see me succeed and make excellent progress.

Paul McLeod

Matt has worked with Lome for exactly two years and the results have been excellent He has developed physically and has an excellent work ethic and attitude in which Lome has played a huge part in developing As well as being a top trainer, Lome is also been a role model and mentor to Matt and they have an excellent working relationship Matt is a rugby player and the sport is physically very demanding but Lome has worked hard on the physical and mental attributes needed by Matt in his chosen sport I would have no hesitation in recommending Lome to any young sports person who is aspiring to reach their full potential in the sport they have chosen to excel.

Geoff Denton

Once I received my appointment to the England under 16 alpine development squad in 2013 I realised that in order to continue my progression within the national squad I would have to develop my athletic ability, increase strength and mass. I am now a member of the Under 18 England Alpine Ski team. The 2014/15 ski season will be my first year of racing in the FIS (International Ski Federation) category. In order to be competitive in this category against the professional full time racers, strength, stamina and flexibility are all key. The courses are longer harder and much more challenging. During my time at Dame Allan’s school as a members of the rugby team we received a weekly strength and conditioning training session run by Lome. I found this very beneficial but realised that I would need a more frequent, intense and specific program that would be tailored to my individual needs if I was to become a competitive athlete within my field. It was then that I started my individual training program with Lome. Over the past year, when I am not abroad training or racing, I have received on average 3-4 personal training sessions a week. The sessions have not been easy, but the results have been outstanding, I have become stronger, both mentally and physically, fitter, healthier and more flexible. My core strength which is so important in ski racing has really improved. When I started my training I was 60kg, I have since gained 10kg in additional muscle mass*. The support I get from Storm extends beyond and outside the individual sessions. My diet is monitored remotely and advice given accordingly, also I am provided with remote training programs to follow when I am overseas. I would thoroughly recommend Storm to anyone, whether an aspiring athlete or someone just looking to improve their fitness or appearance.

Rory Farren

Working with Robbie has pushed me to the next level, his energy, knowledge and dedication is infectious and he knows how to take me to my limits and beyond in each and every session.

David Haswell

After many years of various types of exercise and reaching the ‘over 40s’ age barrier I found it more and more difficult to lose weight and keep myself motivated. I found it far too easy to say “I haven’t got time to exercise” and always find an excuse not to! My main challenge was to lose weight and tone up for my wedding in the summer of 2012. David was recommended to me by a friend and I was keen to give training with a PT a go since I felt I had tried everything else and failed (putting it down to my age …. another excuse!) I started training with David twice a week (only half hour sessions at first which I have now increased to 2 x 1 hour sessions) and within my first 3 months I had achieved my goal which was to lose 14lbs in weight and drop a dress size for my wedding, and also as an added bonus I lost 8” of body fat (3” from thighs, 1” off each calf, ½” off each upper arm, 1” off chest and 1” off waist)*. David is very good at pushing you to your best of ability and also beyond what you think you are capable of and is always correcting my technique for the right way to work out and to achieve maximum results which would never be possible when training alone in a mainstream gym. I have also benefited from David’s excellent nutritional knowledge which has helped me to totally change my diet and understand the truth about food! I would definitely recommend booking a session with David, you will never look back.

Rebecca Kohli

David has been my trainer for 4 years. He has got me fitter slimmer and happier. I almost look forward to the sessions. Best of all he fits the regime round the person and their bodily quirks, age and general health aims. His good knowledge of nutrition and his skills in the vital warming up and cooling down phases are a real bonus. But he never forces anything on you. I have recommended him frequently to friends.

John Pennie

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