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Effective Training

The only changes that matter are those that are personal to you and permanent. The key to effective training is to be able to see measurable progress toward a goal that is meaningful to you.

Tailored Nutrition

We tailor the nutrition advice and targets we provide based on your goals, lifestyle and experience level. We believe your nutrition plan needs to fit with the way you want to live your life. Follow detailed targets or develop habits to stick to.

Regular Coach Contact

Get a tailored program and go it alone, check in with your coach weekly or go for complete immersion! Choose the level of time you spend in contact with your coach.

Tried & Tested Methods

We have a combined 100 years experience of training a wide variety of people, a Master’s degree level education and many of the team draw on their own experience as international athletes.

The time efficient, cost effective way to gain access to expert coaching on the net

Who Is It For?

Storm Online training is for you if you have identified your goal, you have some experience of lifting weights and you are prepared to commit a small amount of time to understand your plan, train, prepare food and send us some feedback.


What Do We Do?

We provide the insider knowledge and support to take you to your fitness goals with training and nutrition. Unlike many online training companies we are very flexible and our focus is to provide advice that works for you around your schedule and current commitments.


Behind The Scenes

Take a look at the nuts and bolts of how Storm Online works. The video will give you a quick look behind the scenes of the coaching process and what you receive as part of our coaching packages.

“When choosing to train with a personal trainer, it is important to train with someone who understands your goals (the easier bit) and also someone who understands you, your capability and what makes you tick (the harder bit). Storm have worked to not only develop a training programme that works for me, but has got to know me and my  abilities. I’m able to eat foods I love and train safely; I’m beating the original goals I had and I’ve never enjoyed training as much. Training with Storm has turned the chore of “going to the gym” into training I look forward to each session. I’m motivated outside of the session to remain focused – week on week I see positive changes. I simply didn’t get that before.”

Tom Lamb

“I had no idea when I started to train with Storm of the impact the process would have on my life outside the gym. Storm’s style of advice about training and nutrition wasn’t to dictate a programme, but to allow me to work out how I best felt that the changes in my life could be made. You may start training thinking you know what your limits are and what you can achieve, but there are no boundaries. The challenges keep on coming, as long as you’re willing to keep working hard, and I’ve never felt more motivated to do so!”

Fiaz Ahmad


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