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What is Sports Massage?


All clients will start their treatment with a thorough assessment by our qualified Sports therapists. This will take into account your injury history, occupation, and current activity levels. 



You’ll receive hands-on treatment based on your symptoms. Your therpaist will take you through options and the best course of treatment based on the assessment.

60min or 30min appointments

For your first appointment you’ll need to book a 60min slot to allow our therapist to complete an assessment. Subsequently you can choose 30 or 60min appointments. 


The benefits of sports massage can be far ranging including increased joint mobility, pain reduction and relief from the feeling of tightness.  


Sports Massage

Book a massage if you have general tightness or muscular discomfort whether it be from training, playing sport, or spending too much time at the work desk. A sports massage can also provide improved recovery during periods of hard training.

Incorporating a regular sports massage into your training schedule will benefit your overall performance and reduce the risk of injuries developing.

Sports Massage sessions are available in both 60min and 30min time slots. Although we ask you to book in for 60min for your initial visit.


Book a sports therapy session if you have an ongoing sports or training related issue.  This will include an assessment and treatment. It may also include some strengthening exercises to assist your recovery.

The aim of the session will be to understand what’s causing the issue and use hands-on and strengthening techniques to help you continue to perform at your best.

Sports therapy sessions are available in both 60min and 30min time slots. Although we ask you to book in for 60min for your initial visit.


Got questions? Here are a few that tend to pop up. If you’d like any more details, contact us and fire away!
What is your cancellation policy?

We kindly ask for 48 hours notice prior to any cancellations or rearrangement of appointments.

This allows us a chance to offer this appointment to another client. Clients cancelling appointments within 24 hours will incur the full appointment price.

This can be done by emailing us at

What should I wear?

We use towels during the treatment and would require that you keep your underwear on, however if you feel more comfortable, you can bring a pair of shorts. 

I don't play sports, can I still benefit from a Sports Massage?

Overuse injuries can occur in everyday life and are generally brought on by the things we do repetitively. We will use remedial massage to treat you and look at what day to day activities could be the cause of the discomfort. We will then give you simple solutions to help with this. 

Will one single Sports Massage “fix” my problems?

If you have a tight, painful neck and shoulder complex, for example, you can expect to come away from a Sports Massage experiencing a lot of relief, at least for a while. But it probably took you months or years to get that way. It’s not reasonable to expect permanent relief from an hour session of Sports Massage. Your pracitioner will give you specific guidance during your initial session.

I am pregnant, can I still have a sports massage?

During pregnancy, hormonal changes cause ligaments and joints to soften leading to additional strain on the skeletal system. This often causes aches and pains most commonly in the hips, buttocks and lower back. The increasing weight of the baby can pull on the lumbar spine causing postural imbalances. These changes can be difficult to prepare for, but massage during pregnancy can help to reduce these discomforts and promote relaxation and a sense of well-being. Massage therapy during pregnancy can help:-

  • Ease muscle and joint strain
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Promote relaxation and sleep
  • Reduce oedema and blood pressure
  • Improve flexibility and energy levels
  • Support your physiological and emotional needs

Please note: If you are in your first trimester of pregnancy, please contact your GP before having a massage.  If you are considered high risk, please also take the advice of your GP at any stage of pregnancy.

Are there times that I shouldn’t get a Sports Massage?

Yes. Contraindications are conditions when you should not be massaged. The most common condition among athletes is that of an acute injury or inflammation. Usually, the first 72 hours after an injury is the acute stage. After the swelling and pain begin to diminish, massage is recommended. 

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