” You Can’t Drop Weight by Exercising”

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If you or a member of your family want to lose some body fat, exercise is undoubtedly a good idea.


Most body fat is carried under the skin as adipose tissue and when we exercise blood flow to adipose tissue goes up, blood then carries the fatty acids stored in the adipose tissue to mitochondria (found in most cells particularly muscle cells- highly involved in energy production) to undergo a process called beta oxidation.


If you exercise this process is accelerated.


Does this mean you lose scale weight?


Not necessarily.


If people who are untrained start exercising even low intensity exercise like walking can be sufficient to enable muscle protein synthesis. In other words they will build muscle.


Some studies have concluded that exercise leads to no loss in weight whereas a calorie restricted diet alone does. Most of these studies fail to control food intake well and one thing we know, is that when we exercise our grehlin levels go up and we feel more hungry.


I would question whether if food intake had been constant whether scale weight would have remained the same or if it would have actually decreased. However, often at storm we have seen as much of a reduction of 11 cm off waist measurement before the scales start to move which can be down to a number of factors like increased muscle mass, increased muscle glycogen storage increased bone density to name a few.


Either way most of this is purely semantics.



Most of us want to look lean, toned and healthy and when we say we want to lose weight it is with the thought that we will look leaner. We often arbitrarily assign a scale weight number to the look we are going for and chase it.


The thing is losing weight too quickly tends to lead to a greater reduction in muscle, which means the scale weight you achieve leaves you not looking anything like what you’d originally planned.



Exercise, however is essential for health and looking the way most of us want to.


If somebody tells you the “exercise doesn’t help you lose weight” line, agree with them.


“Yep, you might be right but it does help you lose fat, get fit and look awesome.”


Ask yourself would you rather look the way you want to look all day every day?


Or, would you rather look down to see the number you arbitrarily assigned for yourself on the scale?


A well designed full body training program and some sound nutrition is still the one best way to achieve lasting change. Scale weight is only a very small part of the picture.



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