What Matters Most?

by Jan 17, 2016Fat Loss, Healthy Lifestyle, Muscle Gain, Nutrition

What are the important factors to consider in order to get your training and nutrition absolutely on point?

This is exactly what we wanted to know from the clients at Storm in this short video. In this one I get called a geek by a buddhist monk, I am beaten in a core stability challenge by a tree surgeon and my 500 meter row time nearly gets topped by a female A&E doctor who just came off night shift!

Whilst I lick my wounds I’ll let you enjoy hearing from this interesting bunch about their experience so far at Storm.

What’s important to you?

Making your training time more effective? Making it fit around work and family time? Maybe you want to get back in shape without old injuries holding you back? Whatever matters most we would love to hear from you. We have space for 6 new clients, if you’d like to be one of them you can reach us on info@storm-fitness.com


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