Whether or not you feel concerned about your weight, being aware of the trajectory of your weight and having the ability to change trajectory is a vital skill.

On average, adults gain 0.7g in bodyweight per year beyond 20 years of age.

Whilst that might not sound like a lot, compounded that’s an additional 7kg by 30 years and an additional 14kg by 40 years of age.

Some data shared by Stepehen Guyenet in 2014 here points to how this takes place.

Typically weight is gained during holiday seasons and periods of feasting and that weight is then either not lost or not fully lost resulting in an upward trend.

If you have noticed you have gained weight; challenge yourself to change trajectory!

I personally diet at least once per year for at least 5 weeks, I feel it’s a practice that has helped me maintain a healthy level of body fat long term and also it’s a challenge to my self discipline.

If I didn’t have periods where I change trajectory I am certain I would look (and feel) very different and I would find it increasingly difficult to motivate myself to lose weight.

One thing I can say, with hand on heart is, it’s not complicated to lose weight but it’s not easy! (and that’s coming from somebody who does it for a living).

If you’d like to change trajectory and prevent long term weight gain we have members of our team who specialise in exactly that.

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