Trainer focus: The best exercises for new mums

In the second part of our trainer focus series, Robbie reveals the best exercises for new mums looking to get back to full health.


It can be really important for new mums to have some personal time in the early stages of motherhood. This can be hard to come by in amongst the constant stream of visitors, feeding every few hours and the general blur of your new life but exercise can be a great way to get that time to yourself.

The goal in these sessions should be to get that time to focus on yourself and also to relax. It may be that starting with some light stretching and breathing exercises are just what you need, but if you are ready to do some more serious exercise, then where do you start?

Providing that your energy levels are good, you’ve eaten well and are properly hydrated, a good way to start is with some gentle walking. Walking is great as it’ll let you take your newborn with you, but be sure not to do anything too strenuous; a gentle walk that slightly increases your heart rate and perhaps gets you sweating just a little would be ideal. Whatever you do, be sure that the exercise isn’t causing any pain or bleeding.

The next stage is to find exercises that can help you with your day-to-day life and keep you strong. A great way to start rebuilding your strength is by doing 2-3 sets of 10 squats with either your hands on your knees or across your chest (as if you were holding your precious baby). Remember to get plenty of rest in between squat sets however.

I would also recommend doing something to strengthen your back muscles, as you could spend a lot of time hunched over feeding or holding your baby. Take a resistance band and holding it out in front with your hands shoulder width apart do sets of pull parts, taking your hands out wide as if you are trying to pull the band through your chest. Again do 2-3 sets of 15-20 pull parts, resting as often as you need to between sets.

Remember these sessions should energise you, not exhaust you. As a new parent you have enough drains on your energy without adding in sessions that are too taxing. Go with how you feel on the day, if you feel like you need a nap instead then do it, and if you are in any doubt about what you are doing speak to your doctor first. At most I would aim for 3 sessions a week and plan these for times where you have most energy.

And of course if you would like any direct advice or want to come and have these sessions with us contact us at

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