Trainer Focus: Can you out train a bad diet?

by Oct 7, 2015Blog, Fat Loss, Nutrition

In the third part of our trainer focus series, Robbie answers a big question: Can you train out a bad diet?

Put simply, no. You can’t train out a bad diet.

To clarify, when I talk about a bad diet I mean eating too much of the wrong foods and taking in too many calories.

For a good real life example, let’s look at the Rugby World Cup that is going on at the moment.

If you watch any rugby world cup game you’ll see 2-3 seemingly overweight guys on each team. They are usually props, occasionally hookers. Now whilst they might look overweight they are in fact extremely muscle-bound and for their positions they need to be heavy and therefore they do carry a good degree of body fat too.

The most critical thing here is that despite them looking overweight and sluggish these players are unbelievably fit, they can push in scrums, hit rucks and continue to run around the pitch for 80 minutes, try doing that at 18 stone plus! These players are professional athletes who train ridiculously hard everyday.

If exercise alone were enough then surely these guys would be walking round rake thin. Okay you could argue that these players eat enormous amounts of food to stay the weight they are but the question was, ‘can you out train a bad diet’ then surely they are proof that no you can’t.

Even if you were able to train as much as these players do, if you continue to eat and drink in excess then you are going to find it really tough to lose weight.

This isn’t an argument against exercise, far from it, however you do need to combine exercise with healthy and sustainable changes to your diet if you want to see serious and lasting results.

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