The Four Steps to Great Results

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You’ve made the decision to make a big change in your life. Great work! You have taken the first step which is often the hardest and that is challenging your previous way of thought and taking the choice to start altering the way you do things. But there’s one issue…you aren’t happy with the results you are getting. This is a big one with anyone going through a new journey, be that a journey of strength, fat loss, fitness or rehab. I have trained a lot of people since I started in this industry and I don’t think any of my clients have ever reached their ‘big goal’, you know that one thing that is going to make you ecstatic, and been content with their progress. In fact, I’ve found that the opposite happens. More often than not that goal is reached and there is already another one on the horizon. The psychology of results is very individual, from someone who lacks self belief to someone who is extremely driven. In my experience, there are some common features with everyone.

Be more realistic and understand your goals in more depth

Unrealistic expectations happen a lot in the fitness industry. I believe its really down to the fact that ideas of 6-12 week fixes are fed to us over and over again to the point where most people have stopped believing that things can actually take far longer. Further, I think people have forgotten that its fine for things to take longer and that there is no shame in taking your time. I understand that at times of the year you are going to want to be in slightly better shape for e.g. your wedding or holiday for example. These are short term goals. In the grand scheme of things, 6-12 weeks isn’t much time. You need to start understanding that to achieve a hell of a lot in 6-12 weeks, it takes a hell of a lot of work in the gym, in recovery work, in nutrition and in lifestyle. You’re going to have to change a lot in a short amount of time and its got to mean something to you and be worth the effort. If you cant think of a reason good enough to sacrifice some of the treats you enjoy then I guarantee it wont be enough of a drive to change. You can do a lot in 3 months, but you must be willing to work harder than you ever have before. You have to understand this and you have to think deeply, is all this sacrifice worth it for this one event, or is it of greater worth to take more time and do this at a comfortable rate?

Figure out what you really want

Sometimes the goal becomes the one thing that will make you happy. But then you achieve it and your still not happy. I once had someone tell me they wanted to lose 3% body fat in 6 weeks. We got the body fat off them and I gave them a huge congratulations…to be greeted with a disappointed face and “Yeah, but I still don’t feel happy”. This was a big lesson early on for me as a trainer and something I go over with all of my clients. If you want to feel more confident and happy, you need to do things that make you feel like that. Losing a bit of body fat will help, yes, but people with low body fat are still unhappy and unconfident. So how do you realise what your goal is? When your goal becomes a purpose. This is when you level up. Exercise becomes training because your purpose drives you to keep going.

Train and eat with intent

“I go to the gym and do my training but I’m still not improving”. Are you training hard? Do you push yourself as much as you can? Or do you just turn up and move weight from A-B, text your mates then sit on the cross trainer for 10 minutes? You must put the effort in. You might feel like you don’t want to do your training or prep your meals or turn down that 11 o’clock biscuit from one of your colleagues, but what would the version of you who’s achieved what you want do? If there isn’t a purpose to what you are doing, the intention will never be there to keep driving you forward towards your goals. Aimless training and mindless eating will mean shooting in the dark when it comes to results.

Organise your priorities right now

A lot of being happy with your results can be down to how your priorities are organised. Getting a greater understanding of your priorities can give you the path to where you want to be much more clearly. If biscuits, lazy evenings and treats are above your fitness, but you really want to get your 5k time improved, your going to make it a lot harder for yourself. Write down, honestly, what your priorities are right now and where you think they need to be in order to achieve your goals. Now write down the 5 steps you need to take to make that list change up. Label them 1-5. Done it? Okay, do number 1 right now.

Here’s an extra…

So you’ve been through the previous four steps and you’re still thinking: “I still don’t know how to get myself back on track to start seeing some results”. Okay, here’s what you’re going to do…You’re going to use the following two tools and start creating some positive habits. Its a start and who knows what other positive lifestyle changes it might lead to.

1. In your training you can use one of the following as a session in itself (double the time for KB complex) or as a finisher at the end of your workout:

KB Complex: Swing, Clean, Press x 5 for as many rounds in 10 mins

Watt Bike/Rower Sprints: 30/90 intervals for 10 rounds

Last Resort: Hill Sprints or Stair Climbs: 10 sprints or climbs as fast as possible,

2. In your nutrition you can start by focusing on just one meal:

If you’re struggling with nutrition, you’re going to prep one meal for tomorrow. Just one. To make it even easier, here is one of my favourite post workout meals that can double up as a great lunch too:

Soy/Honey Chicken Bowl:

Chicken Breast






Soy Sauce


Lemon Juice

Coriander (fresh if possible)




Marinade two thinly chopped chicken breasts in 1tbsp soy sauce, 1 tsp honey, juice of half a lemon, 1 tbsp mirin, 2 thinly sliced shallots, 3 cloves chopped garlic and a thumb size piece of chopped ginger.

Cook rice in a separate pan and set aside once done.

Throw the chicken into a high heat along with the marinade. Once browned on both sides turn down the heat to medium and add a handful of kale. While kale wilts in the pan, use a speed peeler to make courgette/carrot/both ribbons.

For low carb serve on just courgette carrot ribbons, moderate-high carb serve with rice also.

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