Can’t Keep Up Part 3 – Simplifying Your Lifestyle

by Nov 3, 2016Healthy Lifestyle

So, lets recap. The internet is run by a chimpanzee, training doesn’t have to be complex and your nutrition can be managed in a few simple steps. To put the icing on the cake, in this post we’re going to look at how you can simplify your lifestyle to allow your training and nutrition to fit nicely into place with the rest of your life.

1. Take up a sport or active hobby: personally I think this is a great way to increase your total activity and become generally fitter and healthier. Taking up a sport or hobby such as joining a local football team, going climbing or bouldering (in or outdoors!) or getting involved with yoga classes is a great way to socialise while your active too. It will expand your social support network with likeminded people, encourage a lifestyle with frequent activity and ultimately you’ll participate in something you enjoy too.

2. Plan ahead: Organising your time into blocks daily and weekly can allow you to keep your mind focused and stay collected especially during busy times in your life. Plan in what you must do first, then what you will do, then what you could do. E.g. I must be in work at these times,I will spend time with my family for at least 2 hours each evening, I will train in the gym on monday, wednesday and saturday morning and I could have an easy Sunday to go on a walk and cook a roast. It doesn’t have to be minute to minute, just a rough sketch.

3. Cycle/Run/Walk to work. I think everybody should be doing some sort of cardiovascular fitness for health regardless of their goals. Think you don’t have time? Think again. Walking, running or cycling to work can add on an extra 1 hour of activity. I understand there are exceptions, for example if you commute, but in that case why not spend half an hour of your hours lunch break on a walk or light jog? How about when you get in from work while the dinner is in the oven? Why not take the kids out kick a ball around or go for a bike ride with them? There’s always time in the day, you’ve just got to look for it.

4. Bookend your day. Spend 10-20 minutes at the start and end of each day ‘bookending’. This is a great way to heave the day ahead mapped out in your head and a chance to review the day right before bed and make any notes of things to do the next day. Its also a chance to set yourself a daily goal. Here’s a good place to start: write down and answer this question. “What can I reasonably achieve today that will have a positive impact on my life?”.

5. Self-Talk and daily check ins. Remind yourself of why you are doing what you are doing on a daily basis. Willpower can be hard to come by sometimes, thats human nature. But during those times, having this in your day will give you that extra get up and go. Write it down. Say it to yourself in the mirror (think ‘Cool Runnings’ mirror scene…). Keep it in your wallet or on your phone lock screen. You can tap into that motivation daily.

6. Plan for going off plan. Don’t panic when things don’t quite go the way you want them to. Have a rough idea for what you will do if you are caught without a plan or simply have no way of sticking to your original plan. There are always options at supermarkets for food with many stocking fruit, ready to eat lean meats, boiled eggs, yoghurts, nuts as well as some pretty tasty salads. Training wise, don’t beat yourself up if you miss a session. Everyone has days where the plan goes out the window. Don’t panic, take the next best option and get back at it as soon as you can.

At the end of the day, you are in the driving seat. The first step to making change is accepting that you are the only one who can actually do the actions that take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

I’m going to leave you with one last piece of advice. This is coming from someone who has had to have the tough talks with himself, be honest and frank and at times really dig deep. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting big change yesterday, but the daily small efforts add up faster than you think.Think about where you want to be in a years time. That year is going to pass wether you achieve your goal or not…so which would you rather?

You’ve got this.

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