Picking the Right Online Personal Trainer for You

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“And everywhere, infinite options, infinite possibilities” ~ Haruki Murakami

With almost infinite options; here are the top points to consider when selecting the person responsible for improving your health and fitness.

Being a good generalist is of course fine and a good strategy for most personal trainers but when it comes to choosing an online trainer you can pick anybody in the whole world! Why settle?

Find the trainer that is ideally suited for you.

If you are a man in your 30’s, working a busy career and training toward a marathon; there is a trainer for you.

online personal trainer

Fiaz crushing it!

If you are a new mother who want’s her body back, there’s a trainer for you.

online personal trainer

If you want to make it in elite sport, guess what? There’s a trainer for you too.

online training

Kieran in full flight


  • We spent 6-20 years each learning and gaining experience before offering online training
  • We spent 6months as a team condensing the need to know information about how our training and nutrition methods work
  • We created recipe guides, and support materials in a nice easy-to-read format
  • We professionally shot and narrated instructional videos of all the major lifts
  • We spent a further 12 months trialling and testing the most time efficient ways to provide a feedback loop for our clients
  • We allowed for enough time for a member of our team to create a bespoke plan
  • We accounted for the time necessary to give you the support you need to continue to make progress as you improve


What price would you put on that service?

Right now you can get this service with Storm for £99 per month. We can only accept an very low number of clients at one time (due to the points mentioned above) so if you would like to work with us please don’t hesitate.

Start Your Fitness Journey Today

Our consultations are informal and straightforward

They give you a chance to get to know your trainer and provide us with all the information we need to get you started immediately.

Please expect a response from Robbie or Sue at Storm Fitness, within 4 hours during our office hours of Monday to Friday between 9am- 5pm. Enquiries outside of this time can expect a response within 12 hours.

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