How to not get dumped for lifting weights

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Making time for Muscle

Here I am in my “relationship guru” status… a little like Jeremy Kyle or Opra…

I don’t think so somehow.

If I had a penny for every time I have heard the phrase “I don’t have the time to train” or I don’t have time to eat well” I would be a very rich man!

It’s not that I don’t believe people, I do. It’s just that nobody has time to eat well or to train.

When you have work demands and family commitments where can you find the time?

I won’t dive into making the time here as I have covered my thoughts on this in this article

Instead I’m going to ask you something a little personal and seemingly a little random. Now, stick with me I promise it will start to make sense….

If you wanted to invest some time into getting into shape would your other half support you?

Before you jump on the defensive, take a moment to see things from their point of view.

I think if you’re in a relationship where spare time to spend together comes at a premium, its easy to see how what could be seen as a “new hobby” could be seen as a problem. Getting the support of your partner is really important if things are to run smoothly in my experience.

I have known loads of people over the years that have had relationships fail due to fitness.

It’s not that fitness itself was the reason, but rather that one partner was investing every spare minute of their precious time into something the other partner saw to be irrelevant or even selfish!

If you are about to get on a mission to get in shape you might want to have “the talk” before hand.

The key thing is that your partner understands that what you are doing is important to you and that it will make you a happier person to be around.

It will also make you hornier (depending on your partners attitude toward these things that could either be seen as a positive or a negative!)

I have found that when time is tight and you don’t have loads of time to spend with your partner it encourages you to plan things that you would really like to do together rather than just doing the same ol’ same ol’…

The good thing is when you are fit and strong you will actually have bags of energy to walk around Reiss, Fenwicks or whichever museum!




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