Letting Your Kids Watch You Die Early

by Mar 30, 2019Blog, Fat Loss, Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition

We receive a lot of emails at Storm, but there is one type of email that always stops me in my tracks.

The kind that changes the whole course of my day and feels like a punch through the heart.

No, not the brown envelope from HMRC.

It’s when we receive an email from a conscientious youngster, sometimes under 10 years of age, who out of concern for an overweight parent has decided to take action.

They tell me about how their parent isn’t slowing down and they’re continuing to overeat and drink, they feel it’s got out of control. Usually they want to know how long it would take and how much it would cost for their parent to get back to a healthy weight.

It always breaks me.

In todays world, even using the word “obesity “ can raise a few eyebrows socially.

Kids tend not to care.

They are much more interested in the long term health of their parents than avoiding offending people.

Sometimes it can be difficult to motivate yourself to get going, it can be difficult to be the one who’s “not drinking tonight” or who opts out of dessert.

If it were me, all of those minor inconveniences fall into insignificance at the thought that my child might be spending their free time fact finding out of concern for my health.

I feel the word “no” might easily and proudly leave my lips when asked to do anything that may push my progress backwards and it would be significantly easier to use the word “yes” when a route toward a healthier and happier outlook presented itself.

I know it’s not easy to lose weight, and this is no way an attempt to shame people into losing weight; it should act as a gentle nudge and some added motivation to know that kids are ready to do whatever it takes to help their parents succeed.

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