How to Take Over the World one Dieter at a Time

by Dec 22, 2016Blog, Fat Loss

We are living in an age without precedence; the age of the non-expert.


Just watch the news.


Never before throughout history has there been such an opportunity for people to position themselves to give advice on important topics without having any experience or knowledge.


In fact, many can see qualifications or experience as a negative.



It probably sounds like I’m hating or being negative; I’m not.


I am actually EXTREMELY concerned that the same attitudes and overly simplified rhetoric that has swayed the masses in GLOBAL POLITICS are about to take hold in the world of health and fitness.


If you want to go from A TO B without going to C first this is your guide to avoiding the pitfalls that many fall foul.


In this short article I am going to reveal, step by step, the secrets to taking over the world in the age of the non-expert. Maybe you’ll be able to recognise a few techniques.


  1. Start by casting doubt on those with knowledge and any kind of academic education. You don’t have to make any specific accusations you just need to use words like “the system” or “the machine” and make links between university professors and big pharma.


2.Make promises you can’t keep. They don’t even need to be possible just memorable so the masses can remember the message.


3.Know the answer to every question. If you think about it this is entirely logical. If you provide what seems to be a definitive answer you’ll appear knowledgeable. Regardless of whether it’s correct.

non expert

4.Claim to know the one best way; the fix all cure to achieve any change anybody wants to make.

Fitness machine

5. Make vague links to ancient wisdom, they don’t need to be substantiated. This increases buy in and adds distrust to modern day science (which of course is the enemy)

ancient wisdom6. Deflect difficult questions with difficulter questions.

gym 4 u

7.Finally; if anybody dares to suggest there are faults in your approach and it may be dangerous; quickly dismiss the claims without investigating them, accuse them of SCAREMONGERING and return to step one.


So there you have it. Go forth and conquer!


Seriously though…


January fast approaches and I really hope this year we see a change of approach from how most people approach the big changes they want to achieve.


I am asked this question more than any time in the year:


“What do I have to do to…(insert life altering change)”

Sorry, can’t help!

It’s not that what you actually have to do is complicated or difficult to understand, but in order for any advice to be suitable and effective I would need to know more about the context.


Here’s the trade off;

I’ll teach you how to manage your health and fitness and look the way you want to FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE and in exchange I’ll need you to  lend me your ear for longer that the time it take to read a christmas cracker joke.

If you want to do it once and do it right, drop us a line using the form below.

Good luck for all your health and fitness goals.





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