Hiring a PT- The 4 Top Reasons People Are Put Off

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Hiring a PT seems to make perfect sense. Why waste time and effort on something that you have no faith in when you can ensure all your efforts are rewarded with results?

Well here are just some of the reasons people procrastinate before hiring a PT.


1) Just not a person who “needs to be hiring a PT”?


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You may be surprised to know that a huge number of our clients don’t “need” us either. A lot of our clients are highly motivated and successful people.

Many of our clients are top surgeons, doctors, coaches, therapists, Pilates and yoga instructors.

Many of which have all the knowledge they would ever need to make effective change to their body but they still book us.

They tell us that booking regular sessions with us makes them train more frequently, be more objective, push themselves harder and our regular check-ins where we measure their body composition and/or performance keeps them accountable and moving forward.

2) Don’t want to appear stupid?

too cool for scool

Most PT’s don’t negatively judge new clients for not knowing everything there is to know about strength and conditioning and nutrition.

In fact both strength and conditioning and nutrition are fairly new sciences where information and best practise changes regularly. Unless you are regularly reading new research and are very experienced in planning and executing your own training you are unlikely to be maximising your time in the gym.

A good personal trainer or strength and conditioning coach will explain exactly what to do and how to do it before you even have a chance to look “stupid” in any case.

3) Time- we could all use time or rather a lack of it as an excuse for not doing the things we tell our self we want to do.

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It’s our default fall back. When we have resistance to change we manage our time poorly. It’s not always a conscious decision. Next time you notice you are not doing the things you want to do, get your time management sorted. Organise tasks into an order of priorities, most important and urgent first and least important and least urgent last. If resistance exists at that time for you, you’ll quickly notice the time you were previously wasting on menial tasks is now free to spend on something that has meaning for you.

4) Feeling embarrassed about your eating habits


One client once told me;

“I wanted to come in weeks back but my diet was so bad and I didn’t want you to tell me off!”

Firstly the elements of their diet they felt embarrassed about (eating some of the bread they baked on a weekend) were really not worth worrying about in the first place  and secondly we don’t routinely tell anybody off, most good PT’s don’t either.

The relationship between a PT and a client is really just a partnership where we work together to match your behaviours with your goals whilst providing the right information on nutrition and training to make that process as smooth as possible.

There is very little judgement involved because we have all had the same challenges as you and even though we may appear a tanned cliche we continue to work to match our behaviours with what we actually want.

It’s for this reason that I struggle with the word “result” with regards to fitness goals.

I have yet to work with anybody who really wants to reach their target and then pack in and call it a day. When you reach a target it’s of course worth celebrating and feeling good about but I’d bet you’d wake up the very next day ready to go.

Everything you want to achieve physically is a process of self mastery that owes more to your ability to be objective and patient mentally than to any physical capability you possess.

It’s never much fun to be at the start line. It can feel nerve racking and something you want to run away from. That start line simply won’t exist for you when you decide to move. It’s like saving money, at first the small savings you make seem insignificant and hardly worthwhile but you make some small adjustments to your lifestyle and soon the balance grows into something you can feel proud of.

We have an opening for 3 daytime clients and 2 evening clients this week. If you’d like one of those slots you can reach us on info@storm-fitness.com

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