The new year came and went. If you are one of the lucky ones you still have your motivation in tact and you are still focussed with your training when the majority of folk have jacked in fitness in favour of Net Flix and ice cream!

If you want to get the most out of your training this year, getting an event or challenge booked into the calendar is way to focus your training in a way that general health and fitness goals can’t.

Here are just some of the events coming up that you can get booked onto in seconds.

The Lake District Triathlon Challenge

This is no regular triathlon and it’s suitable for beginners.

The route sets off through fabulous scenery by canoe, then bike and on foot hiking around Haystacks, before returning to bikes once more to finish the route.

lake district tri

Great for: Beginners, couples or friends looking for a challenging day out.

Booking via Lakes Tri Challenge

Castle Howard Sprint Triathlon

The Castle Series Triathlons have become super popular with some of our clients and they provide an opportunity to test yourself in some epic environments in England, Ireland and France. The most local to Newcastle is Castle Howard held on Saturday the 22nd of July 2017. Why not get signed up for the sprint triathlon which features a 800m swim 46km Bike 8km run.


Booking via  Castle Triathlon

Book a powerlifting Meet

If you are new to strength sports, it’s easy to confuse powerlifting with Weightlifting. Powerlifting tests strength in the Back Squat, Deadlift and Bench press whereas weightlifting tests the more complicated (and harder to master) Snatch and Clean and Jerk.


Theres an open competition locally in August that would allow a good lead in time. Booking details here Powerlifting Calendar 

Tan and Train with pals

Tribal clash sits somewhere between Crossfit, Strongman and tribal warfare. Set in the idilic Blackpool sands this is team fitness racing as it should be… fun, hard and hopefully warm!

tribal clash two

Booking details here Tribal Clash

The Great North Swim

Already we have four clients signed up for this awesome weekend in the Lakes. With a range of distances from 1/2 Mile to 6 miles there really is an event for everyone. Last year the water temperature was a cosy 16 degrees and there were close to 10k competitors across all distances over the full weekend making it a great getaway.

great north swim

Booking details here Great North Swim 

If you are ready to get a challenge in place and you want one of our team to prepare you for the event get in touch using the form below. We have limited availability especially at peak times so don’t hang about!

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