Gain Muscle & Lose Fat at the Same Time?

by Jan 26, 2015Blog, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain

When it comes to getting in shape there are various tricks and tips you can use to change somebody’s appearance. For example by changing the relative “stiffness” within a muscle or muscle group you can change somebody’s posture.

I bet if you were to talk to any PT or experienced bodybuilder they would tell you the thing that will have the biggest impact on your appearance is the ratio of body fat to muscle.

This video from Dr Michael Isratel explores whether it is physiologically possible to gain muscle whilst losing body fat as an unassisted (not on drugs) gym go-er with more than a few months experience.

As a relative beginner you can certainly get both and we see that time and again as Coaches.

When you are an experienced lifter if you chase both you get nowhere. I’m sure many of you will disagree with me, but how many people do you know who put on 3kg of part muscle, part fat then lose 4kg of part muscle, part fat?

If gaining muscle is your goal commit to it until the job is done. Likewise if you want to lose body fat stay focussed and finish what you started!

Go hard!


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