Forget the little Black Dress – Start Your Fight Camp

by Oct 28, 2016Healthy Lifestyle

I’m going to let you in on a little secret here.

At this time of year personal trainers across the land are conjuring up schemes to make you seek the approval of other people at local restaurants, bars and nightclubs whilst wearing your “little black dress”.

To be honest I have nothing against little black dresses, or even the wish to look good and impress whilst wearing one.

It’s just, in my experience, when you immerse yourself in your training; your strength and fitness increase to such a level that your sense of self-confidence and self-assuredness become very high too.

It’s not that you don’t look great in that black dress, it’s just that impressing others in a black dress seems a little irrelevant. Especially when compared to the buzz you get from your own personal growth, and breaking down barriers in your training.

So often the message is, reduction now allows for gluttony at Christmas, and then you can start again with more reduction in January. This time with the not so exciting goal of getting back to where you were sometime in early December.

I’ll be straight with you, this whole cycle bores me and I think that if the people who do this year on year thought about it for long enough, they would realise that, really, they are bored with it too.

So what’s the alternative?

Come with me on a thought experiment, indulge me here:

You jump fully into your training and train as if you were an athlete in training camp.

You train with intensity and focus on a well-planned structured program and you give your health, nutrition and rest the attention it needs to perform at the best of your ability.

As a result of your improved fitness you can now get through much more work in training which has meant you have to eat more (not less) to fuel your new level of work. You feel healthy and full of energy.

As a result of your strength you can now create a far bigger training stimulus and you notice your muscles are taking shape quicker than they used to.

You’ve learned how to manage your diet and you are educated on how the changes you have made work giving you control.

Going into Christmas you enjoy yourself, you meet friends, you go to parties, you have a few drinks, you eat a few desserts, but crucially your progress is not derailed. This is down to two things:

1) Your body now requires more calories because with your new level of power and fitness your energy expenditure is so high.
2) You actually care more about maintaining your progress because you have set higher goals for yourself.

Now how does all of that sound?

It’s not too terrible is it?

If the concept of starving yourself in order to squeeze into a cocktail dress for a few weeks, in the hope of approval from drunken work colleagues, only to crash and burn and eat yourself into oblivion, still seems like your thing then fair enough; each to their own.

There will be thousands of people who do exactly that.

For those who have experienced the feeling of COMPLETE WELLBEING you get from being fit, strong, healthy and self-confident, there really is no comparison.

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