Fitness Over 40- Unlocking Strength Potential

by Jun 15, 2017Muscle Gain, Strength and Conditioning

Often when I speak to people out and about they tell me they would love to lift weights but they are too old to get started.

In fact even some of my personal training clients are awaiting the impending day when they start getting weaker and losing fitness despite their best efforts after the age of 40.

I very rarely “accept” this, for want of a better word.

I want you to realise that you have masses of potential to improve!

This, I believe, is because your starting point is rarely anywhere close to your potential.

So whilst this post is for the average person on the street I want to start with what elite athletes are able to achieve to give you an idea of what is possible at your age.


In every sport there is (more or less) a sweet spot age where the athlete’s physiology, technique and experience all collide and they produce their best performance.


The trend seems to suggest power athletes reach their peak earlier in their career.

fitness over 40

Kim Collins- Track Sprinter


For example Michael Johnson won gold in the Olympic 200m event aged 33 and Kim Collins ran a personal best 9:96 aged 35 then ran 9:93 aged 40!

Now, take a look at the graph I have pulled together below. It shows the world record in the 94kg open category (record holder was age 33 years) and then every world record in every age category of the 94kg weight category right up to age 80+

Sure there is a decline; but here’s the thing…

You are likely to be nowhere near your potential!

And if we were to start developing your strength it might look like this:

newbie over 40

You might not make it to elite level picking up a power sport now… but can you get stronger? You bet!!!


Can you increase muscle and drop some body fat? Absolutely!

One things for sure, past the age of 40 you need to train smart if you want to get results regardless of if your goal is muscle gain, fat loss, strength or performance.

We’ll give you the insider guide in the coming weeks but if you want to get started with a coach now use the form below.


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Here are the weightlifters for those of you who are interested:

Men’s 94 kg category Snatch records

Kourosh bagheri 187kg snatch in Sydney aged 33

Guy Marineau 138kg snatch age category 40-44

Jari Hirvonen 131kg snatch age category 45-49

Erik Stefan Jacobson 137.5kg age category 50-54

Erik Stefan jacobson 123kg age category 55-59 (ten years later)

Erik Stefan jacobson 106kg age category 60-64 (11 years later)

Laurence Mc Connell 98kg age category 65-69

Mihaly Huszka 86kg age category 70-74

Mihaly Huszka 68kg age category 80+



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