Don’t Be a Bystander in Your Own Life

by Mar 30, 2018Healthy Lifestyle

You know that feeling that life is passing you by?

Time hurtles on and yet all those moments you wanted to enjoy pass by without you even feeling remotely conscious of them, it’s as if you weren’t even there.

I know this feeling.

A few years ago I had just started my business, it was growing rapidly and all my time was taken up focussing on it.

Even my sleep was now not something I could rely on to recharge me.

I felt flat, distant and there was no clear route back to a balanced and enjoyable life.

That’s why today I want to shake you and get you to wake the hell up from your unnecessarily destructive cycle of self-neglect.

Sound too dramatic?

Ok, maybe that was a bit harsh, but could it be deemed that skipping virtually every meal, surviving on coffee and adrenaline until you collapse onto the sofa in the hope your significant others will rescue you with food doesn’t have a good long-term outlook?

What if I could guarantee that after a 60 minute conversation with you I could write a plan that takes into account your schedule, goals and ability and creates a roadmap to everything you want to achieve?

If you’d like to meet me to discuss creating a healthy balanced lifestyle for yourself, a friend or a family member you can book a complimentary planning session using the form below.


Start Your Fitness Journey Today

Book your complimentary personal planning session now

You’ll receive:


✔  In depth posture and movement analysis

✔  Full breakdown of your training history

✔  Our opportunity to fully understand your lifestyle

✔  In depth discussion on your goals and motivation

✔  We’ll take your starting measurements (optional)

✔  Jointly we’ll create your training and nutrition roadmap

✔  We’ll find the best package for you, your budget and your goal


Please expect a response within 4 hours during our office hours of Monday to Friday between 9am- 5pm. Enquiries outside of this time can expect a response within 12 hours.

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