Case Study: Strength and Performace

Unlike fat loss and lean muscle gain goals; a strength & performance goal could encapsulate almost anything. Whether that is to compete at the highest level in sport or just to feel strong and fit for life.


Every program we write at Storm is written specifically for the person in front of us at that specific moment in their life or their career. Here is an example of how we pull things together.




Case study: 23 year old Man
Goal Selection as Army officer at Sandhurst


Level: Less than 1 years experience in weight training
Key findings from planning session: Glute, core stability and hip flexor strength needed. General strength levels low and some instability in right shoulder.

Low habitual energy and protein intake.

Key performance indicators Army push up tests, “heaves” and sit up tests
Time frame 12 weeks


Usually our clients will train with us 2-4 sessions per week and depending on their goal they may do some training at home, their gym or outdoors.


Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Training Strength Endurance


Intervals Strength Rest Strength


Long run Rest


Where there is a specific goal we look at the time available then work backwards; ordering the training you need into logically progressive phases.


Phase Phase 1-2 weeks Phase 2-6 weeks Phase 3- 4 weeks
Training focus Fundamentals

Master the major lifts, build local muscular endurance and learn the nutrition fundamentals.

Build Strength

Increase total workload, build resilience to injury and increase strength.


Testing followed by training specific to weak areas uncovered by testing.






Sample Phase 2 Strength Session



Warm up
5 mins tissue temperature warm up- Watt Bike

Roll quads with Hockey ball

Mobilise hip flexors

Activate glutes

Lower ab curl

Mid back activation


We place an emphasis on movement quality throughout all our sessions.


Exercise Sets Reps Rest Notes
A1-Weighted pull up 5 3 45 seconds  
A2- Alternating Dumbbell press 5 8 each side 90 seconds Resting arm rests at the top
B1- Seated row 5 8 20 seconds  
B2-Heavy Farmers carry 5 40 meters 20 seconds  
B3- Weighted sit up 5 12 45 seconds  



5 rounds for time

5 hand over hand sled pull

10 Dynamic standing prowler push

15 sit ups

200m row @ 1:45 /500m


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