Case Study: Muscle Gain

When you are looking to gain muscle effectively, its important from the off that your training, nutrition and recovery are in check for maximum muscle growth. Training wise it’s important to train hard and smart, so forget your endless drop sets and reps to failure every session.

The most important factor with nutrition is that you are in a sensible calorie surplus, which means eating slightly more than you need to maintain weight but no so much that you start to gain excess body fat. You can expect to gain a small amount of fat, so having foresight and making a plan will help to keep this minimal.

Case study: Early 30’s male, dentist
Goal Gain muscle mass before pre-season begins, improve strength and fitness to play rugby again in top form.
Level: 10 years+ training experience, well trained but deconditioned after time off with injury.
Key findings from planning session: History of hamstring injuries and rehabbing a torn bicep tendon

Played rugby to high level in the past

Has tracked calories and macros on my fitness pal in the past

Able to train once a week at Storm, twice a week by himself in the gym and trains with rugby team once per week

Key performance indicators Add 2-3kg muscle mass- 8 site skin fold caliper reading.

Increase Strength-Barbell 3RM’s and bodyweight max reps.

Increase aerobic fitness-5k run time

Time frame 16 weeks


Weekly Plan

Day Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Training STR/HYP Rugby Training Off STR/HYP Off STR/HYP Long run


Phases of Training

Phase Phase 1- Weeks 1-4 Phase 2- weeks 5-10 Phase 3-weeks 11-16

Full body circuit based training to get used to fundamental movements again

STRENGTH AND SIZE Increase full body strength, muscle mass and tensile strength as injury prevention STRENGTH AND POWER

Maintain strength, increase power, build durability

Example Programme


Myofascial release: Glutes, Pec Minor, Quads, Hips


Activation and Warmup: 3×15 on each, no rest between – band pull apart, lateral mini band walks, walkout to press up, reverse lunges


A1. Back Squat – 5×3 – Focus on controlled tempo on lowering, acceleration on the way up- 3 mins rest between sets


B1. RDL – 4×8- 90s to 2 mins rest between sets


C1. Dumbbell Incline Press – 4×8 – slow controlled tempo- 20s rest


C2. Chin Ups – 4×8 – chest to the bar, slow tempo on lowering – 2 mins rest


D1. Hamstring Curl – 3×12 – slow tempo all the way through- 20s rest


D2. Hammer Curl – 3×12 – slow tempo all the way through- 20s rest


D3. Hanging Leg Raise – 3xmax – slow tempo all the way through, pause at the top of each rep – 60s rest


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