Case Study: Fitness Over 40

When it comes to getting fit and strong, being over 40 doesn’t mean you can’t make big progress! We find that a lot of our clients have still yet to tap into their true potential in training and nutrition. With planned progression, properly managed training volume and intensity and a good recovery strategy you can still perform at your best.

Case study: Female client approaching 50, runs her own business.
Goal Become fitter and stronger than ever, with the secondary goal of being able to run a 10k obstacle course with friends
Level: Deconditioned-has had a few years away from training
Key findings from planning session: regularly travels

Experiencing right knee and right shoulder pain in recent years- postural imbalances to be addressed in training plan

Ability to train often in the week whilst not away.

Key performance indicators Improve movement quality, especially at hips and shoulders.

Increase Strength in barbell and bodyweight movements.

Improve fitness- ability to run 10k

Time frame 14 weeks for obstacle race, no time frame otherwise.



Weekly Plan

Day Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Training Strength Low Intensity Aerobic Strength Endurance/Aerobic Power Off Strength Low Intensity Aerobic Off


Phases of Training

Phase Phase 1-Weeks 1-4 Weeks 5-9 Weeks 10-14

Improve movement quality, sort out knee and shoulder issues, improve movement competence and confidence.


Increase Full Body Strength through gym based training and improve Aerobic Capacity through low intensity aerobic exercise.


Improve Strength Endurance and Capacity to perform moderate to high intensity efforts over a longer duration.

Example Programme


Hockey Ball Trigger Points (Release): Upper Trap, Pec Minor, Glutes, Standing Hip Flexor Stretch with reach above head


Activation+ Warmup:  2×15 on each of Scapula Pull Downs, Banded Clamshells, Glute Bridges, Bodyweight Row


Main Lift:

A1. Trap Bar Deadlift – 4×6 – tempo of 3 seconds lowering with a re-set every rep- 2 mins rest between sets.



B1. Front Foot Elevated Split Squat 4×12 – tempo of 2 seconds lowering, 1 second pause at bottom of every rep- 15 seconds rest


B2. 3 Point Row – 4×12 each side – tempo of 2 seconds lowering, 1 second pause at top of the rep when dumbbell is pulled up – 15 seconds rest


B3. Straight Arm Pull Down – 4×15 – tempo of 2 seconds at each part of movement (pull, pause, return) – 2 mins rest.


4 rounds for time:

C1. Hand over hand seated rope pull – 15 metres – rest as needed


C2. Straight arm plank- submaximal effort – stop 5 seconds before max plank effort time – rest as needed


Cool-Down: Static Stretch and deep breathing focused on opening up the chest and hips- Seated lateral stretch of obliques, lats, QL and adductors. Rotational T-Spine Stretch.

Deep breathing while stretching to relax and begin recovery from session.


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