Case Study: Fat Loss

When it comes to fat loss, consistency is key with creating an energy deficit with nutrition and training. Whilst calories must come down, we still want you training as hard as possible to hold on to muscle mass while body fat decreases.


Establishing a training schedule that you can adhere to as well as building nutrition habits that will support your training goal are paramount to success and this is all individualised.

Case study: Late 20’s Female, busy job in healthcare with regular night shifts and on-call.
Goal Lose Body Fat and drop two dress sizes for summer holidays, secondary goal of running endurance races.


Level: Less than 1 year, trained before but mostly in classes, boot camps and running.
Key findings from planning session: Often fatigued from working very long hours, high levels of stress at work.

Weak core and poor glute strength.

Technique in the past has been secondary to pushing harder.

Tried ‘diets’ in the past, but no focus on building long term habits

Key performance indicators 8 Site Skin Fold Calliper to show reduction in body fat

Dress size for favourite brands

Progress pictures

Time frame 20 weeks


Weekly Plan

Day Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Training Strength Intervals Rest Escalating Density Training Rest Low Intensity Aerobic Rest


Phases of Training

Phase Phase 1- Weeks 1-4 Phase 2- Weeks 4-12 Phase 3- Weeks 12-20

Build a foundation of movement, refine technique and movement quality, strengthen core.


Increase total body strength, improve resilience to injury and increase training volume.


Build on Phase 2 to increase fitness and work capacity in the gym.


Example Programme


Phase 3, Thursday, Escalating Density Training.



Trigger Point Glutes with Hockey Ball.

2×15 on each

Banded Clams, Glute Bridges, Bodyweight Squats, Walkouts, Leg Lowers


Block 1: 15 minutes continuous work, rest as needed


A1. Trap Bar Deadlift x8 reps

A2. TRX Row x10 reps


3-4 minutes active recovery on watt bike


Block 2: 12 minutes continuous work, rest as needed


B1. Dumbbell Reverse Lunge x10 each leg

B2. Half Kneeling Dumbbell Press x 12

B3. Hollow Hold x20s


3-4 minutes active recovery on watt bike


Block 3: 12 minutes continuous work, rest as needed


C1. Sled Push x40m

C2. Suitcase Carry x40m each arm

C3. Plank Shoulder Taps x 6 each side




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