Cant Keep Up Part 2- Simplifying Your Nutrition Updated

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“This nutrition plan will revolutionise the way you eat, look, feel and perform!”…

How often have you heard something like this on social media or in magazines?

The idea of a ‘secret’ or ‘revolutionary’ formula is something I see increasingly and it’s something I don’t agree with. There isn’t a magic pill when it comes to nutrition. But do you know what does work? Balance and sustainability.

Adherence is king.

Your nutritional habits right now are a result of years of learning. So if they aren’t working for your goals, you can bet that you can learn new habits to replace unproductive ones.

Here are my 5 top tips to simplify your nutrition

  1. Plan Ahead: This is one of the most effective methods of tackling a lack of willpower or motivation. Not all of you will be into the idea of 21 tupperware in your fridge for the week, and thats fine, but planning alone is hugely effective for a number of reasons. Motivation is high because you are putting your intentions to paper. There is less chance of straying off plan because it’s all written down and in the fridge (after you’ve done the shopping!). Finally, it takes the stress out of mealtimes and those last minute dashes to the supermarket on a Thursday evening.
  2. Changing Your Options: The availability of a massive amount of energy dense foods nowadays is outstanding. Bright colours and packets everywhere! It’s no wonder that cupboards end up being stocked full of foods that provide little feeling of fullness for a big dose of energy going in! Replacing these energy dense, refined products with whole foods, especially those high in nutrient value. Stocking up on these foods will naturally lead to a more nutritious diet because the foods lacking nutrients wont even be there. Have a look at the list below for some examples!
  3. Dividing Up Your Plate: Here is a really simple way to achieve balance at every meal time: 1/2 your plate is veg, 1/4 of your plate is protein, 1/4 of your plate is carbs and to finish you add a serving of healthy fats (tbsp oil/butter/cream/nut butter/pesto, thumb size serving of nuts, fats in protein source, handful olives, half an avocado).
  4. Smart Snacking: Snacking between meals does not mean you are going off course. So how do you become a snack ninja? Just like your meals, plan ahead. How many times a day do you feel like snacking? Thats how many snacks you prepare. Next step, think volume. Energy dense foods are really easy to over eat on, so packing foods that are high in volume and relatively low in energy density will help with that feeling of fullness. Vegetable sticks and fruit are great for this. Protein is a must: boiled eggs, leftover roast cuts, high protein yoghurt, whey protein, edamame beans are just a few examples. Finally before snacking drink a glass of water, you might just be thirsty.
  5. Mindful Eating: We were lucky enough to have Adam Dehaty come to speak to us about mindset recently, during which he spoke about mindful eating. Next time you are eating try the following: turn your electronics off, smell your food before you eat it and think about how much you are looking forward to eating the delicious meal you prepared. Then savour each mouthful and chew it properly, enjoy the flavours, put your knife and fork down between bites. In short, take your time and slow down for a moment. Not only will this help you feel fuller and avoid over eating, but you’ll have a chance to just slow down and be in the moment. Get zen with your food dude.

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Rather than looking for the magic pill solution, at Storm we work together with you to create sustainable and lasting change. Nutrition might be fairly new to a lot of you out there, but it’s not as complex as that Chimpanzee running this never-ending internet library will tell you.

Sick of being told you’re about to follow “the next big secret in nutrition” and want advice that works long term? Look no further…

Get in touch below to join #TeamStorm and get your nutrition on point and make the progress your efforts deserve!

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