Are Your Best Days Really Behind You?

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Recently one of my good friends Michael at Always Wear Red (Newcastle’s rapidly expanding fashion brand) wrote a blog in response to the question “Can people ‘peak’?”… it was 6 words long, it read:

“Only if you think you have.”

When I start working with clients they often tell me how they would love to get back to where they were, but due to their current circumstances, that wouldn’t be realistic.

I think it depends how you decide what “realistic” is.

If you want to decide what lifestyle to lead based on the statistical norm for your age, your job, your number of children you will probably find that what is “realistic” for you is pretty uninspiring.

However, If you wanted to find somebody like you with a busy working schedule, juggling work and family life, who yet still manages to maintain their health and fitness at a high level, you wouldn’t have to look too far.

I’m not pointing this out to make you feel bad; it’s just the excuse of being too busy or too important isn’t valid (wink;)

Here are 3 things our busiest clients who maintain a high level of health and fitness would tell you.

1. Prioritise

You have to make a decision to prioritise your health. Nobody is going to do this for you, and when you decide that enough is enough and you decide to get back to full fitness it will be because you decided it was important.

2. Train appropriately

Your busy schedule isn’t a roadblock but it can’t be ignored. If you’ve been fit and healthy before the temptation is to use the exact same approach now. Things have changed, and whilst I do believe people can achieve excellent levels of health and fitness at any stage in life I don’t subscribe to the notion that “age is just a number” not from the perspective of a fitness coach at least. We all need to train appropriately for ourselves and use a individualised and progressive approach.

3. Be patient

Make constant progress over a sustained period. When you make a decision to get back in shape what exactly will you do? The time it will take to get back in shape will be relative to your starting point and the level of commitment you are able to give right now. Are you patient enough to make this work?

You need to be. There is no other option.


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