3 Tips – Get The Athletic Look

by Apr 6, 2015Blog, Fat Loss, Strength and Conditioning

I won’t bore you all with research on why these 3 things work as I’m sure you don’t want to work your way through something that feels like going back to school on your day off.

This is just a quick and a dirty on my way to whip (operative speak) women into shape in a matter of weeks.

There are a million and one ways to get that athletic looking physique, many of which even confuse me, this is a very simple way to get it done that I guarantee will get you looking and feeling lean, healthy and strong.

1. Use it all- Train your full body 2-4 x per week.

Train for between 25-28 sets per session.
Aim for 8-12 sets heavy for between 3-6 reps and another 8-15 sets at a moderate weight for 8-15 reps.

Try not to see your strength training and cardio as two separate things but rather something you can fit together as part of one system. Your heart doesn’t really know whether you are on a rower or on a barbell.

Here’s an example;

Sumo deadlift 8×5 45 seconds rest

2 mins rest after the last set

Dumbbell push press 3×12
20 seconds rest straight into
Dumbbell walking lunge 3×12
20 seconds rest straight into
Stiff leg deadlift 3×12

2 mins rest after the last set

Then every 2 minutes for 4 sets complete;

Kettle bell swing to chest height x20
Sit up variation x30

On the other days do some light activity like a light walk.

2. Go deep! In my experience nothing gets a training program off to a better start than getting the glutes (butt) working under tension. The glutes are the biggest muscle group we have and are just SO IMPORTANT for our general strength and posture, which is of course a big factor in getting the physique you want.

Some exercises will work better for you depending on the length of your legs and lower back and how flexible you are in certain areas. As a rule of thumb if you feel some soreness in your glutes following training you are of course working them!

3. Eat plenty of phytonutrients. There are people who follow a super low carb approach which means cutting out most fruits and certain veg but with the kind of training I usually recommend carbohydrates are required and fruits and veggies should make up a high percentage of these. We are told to eat 5-a-day but actually we work better on about 9-a-day.

Try to get at least one portion from each of these groups;

Oranges- good for alpha and beta carotene, flavonols, terpenoids
Found in ginger, turmeric, mango peaches pineapples
Greens- good for; flavonoids, isoflavones, lutein
Found in green tea, peas, green beans, broccoli, cabbage.
Purples– good for reservatrol, anthocynins
Found in strawberry, beetroot, blueberries, blackberries, aubergine , grapes.

Whites good for quercetin, sulphides, allicin and flavonols
Found in parsnips, green tea, garlic, onion and apple.

Reds- good for lycopene, ellagic acid, hydroxybenzoic acids
Found in raspberry, tomato, red cabbage red peppers.

If you would like some help to get in shape and you would prefer to take an athletic approach you can reach me on info@storm-fitness.com


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