3 Simple Mindset Tips

by Mar 8, 2019Blog, Healthy Lifestyle

#1 Scheduled your priorities?

What’s important to you right now? Is it scheduled and in your diary? If your priorities are REALLY  your priorities, shouldn’t they be the first thing in your diary? The thing that doesn’t get moved no matter what? Like I dunno… the things you do that are vital to your health.

#2 Feeling Behind

One of the most paralysing things you can do when you decide to START training again after a break is to compare yourself to when you were “at your peak” Instead of using a period of time when you felt great as a yardstick to measure yourself against, remember the attitude you had when you started your journey to get there. Did you have a goal? What was the plan? Who else was involved?

If you are going to compare yourself to anyone, use yourself today as the yardstick and look to make a difference in the next 10-12 weeks by committing to bitesize actionable tasks. You should be able to ask yourself at the end of each day “did I complete my tasks?” and if you can’t I would suggest your plan is either too complicated or too vague. Keep things simple and focus on a maximum of three key tasks.

#3 The Map is Not The territory

Things will not work out as planned. I can honestly say, out of hundreds of clients I have worked with, I can count on one hand the number of times I have set out a plan that has been followed by the letter. If you want my insight into what makes the difference between success and failure it’s this. Momentum is the key. Just keep moving forward, toward a goal that’s meaningful to you and don’t be too self-critical when things don’t go exactly as planned.

The word ‘perfectionist’ sounds like a good attribute but I would argue ‘action taker’ is a term more akin to success.


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